Join The Share911 Network Now

 You can put your K-12 school on the Share911 Network today for FREE.

Our FREE plan provides your employees and administrators with the ability to Check-In, Report Accountability and access LiveView. Public Safety personnel can access LiveView to gain actionable response information en route to and once on the scene of an emergency at your school.


Add Share911 Notify To Your Network

You can enhance your network with Share911 Notify, which enables the electronic communication of Broadcast Alerts and Incident Updates. Share911 Notify can enable every employee to alert all of your employees, administrators and First Responders from wherever they are, right from their own mobile device, saving valuable time. 

Your local First Responders can use Share911 to transmit Broadcast Alerts and Incident Updates to your employees in real-time, saving valuable time versus radio communications and phone calls. 

Share911 Notify pricing starts at $3.00 per employee, per month (on an annualized basis) and decreases based on volume. Contact us today to learn more.